Germans in America Series

Germans in America recounts the story of German immigrants in the United States. The four-hour video series relates to little-known stories: the epic of the Texas-Germans and the quiet lives of countless Midwestern farmers; the tales of prominent families like the Steinways, as well as the multitude of poor immigrants gathered in "Little Germanies" in American cities.

Lessons for each program were written by experts Robert Jervis and Joann Prewitt for educators of students in grades 6-12. The lessons align with specific National Social Studies Standards. The lessons also incorporate ideas from research-based best practices such as Dimensions of Learning (R. Marzano) and Understanding by Design (J. McTighe & G. Wiggins).

The lessons in each series can be used independently or collectively as a unit of study. The successful application of the lessons depends on teachers and students viewing the appropriate video program in its entirety. Each program may be purchased online as a single DVD or as part of the series at the ETV Store:

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    Program 1: Into the Promised Land

    Learn about how a whole German village packed up and moved to America. Find out about the adventures of German-Americans in the California Gold Rush and how their descendants tried to pass on their heritage to the next generation.

    Download SymbolLessons for Program 1 (PDF, 2.9 MB)

      Program 2: The Price of Freedom

      Full of hope, families crossed the Atlantic to develop a massive settlement in the Texas hill country, only to learn that they had been swindled. Learn about the struggles and battles these heroic people overcame.

      Download SymbolLessons for Program 2 (PDF, 2.4 MB)

        Program 3: Little Germanies

        Little Germanies in American cities across the country provided everything for the German-Americans. Follow two families who represent both ends of the economic spectrum.

        Download SymbolLessons for Program 3 (PDF, 2.8 MB)

          Program 4: A People Disappears

          Learn how and why this important ethnic group "Americanized" their names and tried to suppress their identity. Learn about the struggle for cultural survival and how immigrants dealt with the melting pot.

          Download SymbolLessons for Program 4 (PDF, 2.5 MB)

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