Quizzes and Games

"Carried off": the wicked dragon has carried off the princess.   deutsch

Or did it all turn out very differently? Switch the roles of the figures and create your own story.

Thumbling sets off on his travels   deutsch

Decide what Thumbling experiences on his journey and get to know the fairy tale from a completely new perspective.

Amazonas Music Theatre: the Game   deutschenglishportuguês

For the Yanomami the soul of each human is represented by an animal. In this game you can find your animal.

Line E   deutschenglish

Learn surprising and interesting facts about the languages and cultures of Europe in six entertaining sections
Stadt der Sprachen - Copyright Goethe-Institut

The City of Languages   deutschenglishрусскийукраїнськаعربي

Play an exciting online-quiz about languages and scripts of the world.

Ausgewanderte Wörter – Matching Game   deutsch

Find the matching significations to the emigrated words.

“Deutsch-Wagen-Tour”   deutschPolski

The “Deutsch-Wagen” are on tour through Poland, arousing people’s interest in learning German with creative games, quiz games and competitions.

Fairytale Quiz   deutschenglishfrançaisnederlandsdansksuomeksičeskymagyarGaeilge

Mean sorceresses, busy gnomes, beautiful princesses… Test your fairytales knowledge.

Memo   deutsch

Did you know that many words you use every day have a German origin? Go on an expedition to explore them.

Odyssee   deutsch

Intercultural e-mail game

You don't speak German - are you absolutely sure??   englishitalianoportuguês

Try our online-games and you'll be surprised! Have fun! (Italian/Portuguese)

50 years of encounters   deutschespañol

Play the matching game of the 50th anniversary of the Goethe-Institut Madrid!