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Weblog: Online Book Club   english

Read, discover, discuss – the Online Book Club is for anyone interested in literature and regularly presents a new book for you to read and discuss.

Workshop "Europe" in Schwäbisch Hall   deutsch

Young scientists from 16 European countries discussed the economic development of Europe with leaders from business and politics.

Weblog: Pindorama   deutschportuguês

Players of the Brazilian and German national authors' teams write about football matches and joint readings.
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Hier kommt Deutsch!   deutsch中文版

Unter dem Motto „Hier kommt Deutsch“ beteiligt sich das Goethe-Institut China mit einer Bustour und vielen anderen Veranstaltungen an dem „Deutsch-Chinesischen Sprachenjahr 2013/2014“.

Weblog: Town Chroniclers   deutschportuguês

The “Town Chroniclers” are six German authors doing research in Brazil and, via this blog, giving literary form to their experiences in their new surroundings.

Weblog: Shaping the Humanities   english

A platform on current discourses within the scope of the Arab Spring and transformation processes in North Africa in the Humanities.

Weltstadt – who creates the city?   english

Connecting Goethe-Institut initiatives around the world: Weltstadt’s theme is urban development, the players are the residents themselves – they design their city.

Langkah Menuju Jerman   Bahasa Indonesia

The Blog “Langkah Menuju Jerman” provides in bahasa Indonesia informations about living in Germany.

Gemeinsame Gärten   deutschfrançais

Schüler aus Lillers und Goch legen einen deutschen- bzw. französischen Garten an und setzen damit ein nachhaltiges Zeichen für die deutsch-französische Freundschaft.

Alemanha em vinte dias   português

11 Brazilian journalists report on their personal experiences while attending a three-week seminar in Berlin.

Weblog: Maktaba   عربي

Der Märchenerzähler Haytham Shokry fährt mit dem Bibliotheksbus durch Ägypten und berichtet in seinem Blog von der Reise.

Weblog: Once upon a time   english

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Brothers Grimm’s book of fairy tales New Zealanders retell well known fairy tales.

Weblog: Marseille 2013   deutschfrançais

Marseille is European Capital of Culture 2013. The Marseille Blog accompanies this adventure and regularly informs about the activities of the Goethe-Institut in and around Marseille.

Weblog: Mein Wagner – My Personal Wagner

On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of the composer Richard Wagner, our blog will present a variety of perspectives on Wagner’s cosmos.

Weblog: The Collective Eye   deutschenglishespañolfrançais

Intercollective Platform

Rumbo Alemania - Blog   deutsch

Auf nach Alemania - das Blog für junge Nomaden

Journalist exchange “Closeup”   deutschenglish

Journalists from Germany and from overseas will exchange their living places and jobs for one month. From a foreign perspective they report on their impressions of the new locale.

Weblog: Osmose   deutschportuguês

Comic exchange: three Brazilian comic artists travel to Germany, while three German artists explore Brazil.
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Weblog: Jugend in Berlin   deutsch

An international group of teachers of German blogs from Berlin!

The Countries, one language: Germany, Austria, Switzerland   deutschromâna

Information on the book fair "Bookfest 2013“ in Bucharest

Weblog: city of literature - Reykjavik   deutsch

Spending six weeks in Reykjavik, writing and researching in the Icelandic “Unesco City of Literature” – the Goethe Institut provides this opportunity to selected German authors.

Weblog: rosinenpicker@goethe.de   deutsch

News from the German book and media market: books, audio books and CDs from the world of fiction, nonfiction and music

Weblog: CityTales   deutschenglish

Comic artists from South-East Asia and Germany tell their “CityTales” – a new story every month.

Blog: Germany – A Journey in 20 Days   español

In May 2012 twelve journalists from Spanish speaking countries in Latin America met in Berlin. This blog is their diary.

Weblog: Villa Kamogawa   deutsch

Every year 12 artists from Germany live and work at Villa Kamogawa in Kyoto. The voices from the kamo or ducks’ river tell stories of encounters between Germany and Japan.

Weblog: RiverScapes – In Flux   english

An eco-cultural art project about the major river landscapes in Southeast Asia. 17 artists are presenting their works and writing about the backgrounds.
Photo: Henry Mex

Blog: On the road with Inka Parei   deutschenglish

The German novelist Inka Parei was criss-crossing Aotearoa, travelling in a camper van. You can follow her travels in this blog.

Weblog: Magical Mediterranean   deutsch

School-children create an intercultural fairy-tale book.

Weblog: Deutsch unterwegs   русский

Lesen Sie die brandneuen Nachrichten auf unserem Blog

Weblog: Estudantes brasileiros na Alemanha   português

How do Goethe-Institut scholarship awardees from Brazil experience Germany? They report on their experiences and impressions in our blog

Weblog: Deutschmobil in Thailand   deutsch[thai]

The Deutschmobil Team creates interest in German language with fun activities at Thai high schools.

Blog: GOOOL! Das Tor nach Deutschland   deutschespañol

A football traveled through Spain. Follow our travel blog …

Weblog: German Film @ Canada   deutsch

Follow our festival news, reviews and background stories on the latest in German film.

Weblog: The City of Tomorrow   deutschenglish中文版中文版 (Big5)日本語한국어

Comic artists from Germany and East Asia are telling stories from a sustainable future and from our still not quite so ecological present.

Weblog: Goethe Satellite Vancouver   english

German and Canadian artists and curators in the Goethe Satellite Vancouver are keeping you posted about their artistic bridge projects on Canada’s west coast.
Copyright: Polly Yassin

Weblog: Kirunatopia   english

Artists of the residency project Kirunatopia will blog about their research in the northernmost city in Sweden, Kiruna: a city in extreme flux.

Weblog: German literature in Southamerica   deutsch

The library of the Goethe-Institut in Caracas and Santiago de Chile blogs about German literature. Join the discussion about the books we present!

Weblog: Im Fokus   deutschрусский

From a german and russian point of view, To4ka-Treff-bloggers have a sight on current issues.

Weblog: Moving Africa   deutschenglishfrançaisportuguês

Pan-African exchange is the main goal of the Moving Africa program, which enables African artists to travel to the most important festivals in Africa. On this blog, they share their experiences.

Weblog: Majstersztyk   deutsch

Web contents for German language instruction: online materials, YouTube films, language learning games, Web 2.0 tools and much more!

Weblog: Juli Zeh in Vietnam   deutschTiếng Việt

For three weeks the German author travels through Vietnam and writes about her impressions and encounters.

Weblog: Studio Visits   english

Visiting the young art scene: curatorial and artistic practices in Germany and Brazil

Weblog: ready, steady – chicaGO!   deutsch

Young people from Germany report on and from the metropolis on Lake Michigan, as they discover what President Obama’s hometown has to offer.

Weblog: Courses for children and teens in Germany   deutsch

Participants share their experiences and activities in our blog. Read their exciting reports.

Web log: Network „New Perspectives“   deutschрусский

Environment, Climate and Culture: young activists in the USSR successor states.

Weblog: Goethe-Guerilla   srpski

The Goethe-Institut Belgrad will be 40 - and it is getting younger: Who is the Goethe-Guerilla and what is it doing?
© Jochen Roller

Weblog: Tanzconnexions   english

Information for choreographers, dancers and those interested in dance on contemporary dance in the Asia-Pacific region and the German scene, which is influenced by European trends

Weblog: Alles Autobahn?   svenska

Germany is much more than just a cliché – a blog about the cultural diversity of the land.

Weblog: goethe.de/climateblog   deutschenglish

Personal notices from different countries on culture and climate change

Weblog: The Art of Independence   deutschespañol

The pulse of the times – artistic and intellectual reflections on the occasion of 200 years of Latin American independence

Weblog: “Meet in Finland”   deutschsuomeksi

Unter „Meet in Finland" können Sie lesen, was Autoren und Künstler, die auf Einladung des Goethe-Instituts eine längere Zeit in Finnland verbringen, hier erleben.

Weblog: Current Writing   english

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about German literature in the USA

Weblog: tyska   deutsch

Weblog for Teachers of German in Sweden

Weblog: To4ka-Cityblog   deutschрусский

Young people write about their town – where they are either guests or at home. Each of them has something to do with the east or is from there and has a faible for Germany.

Weblog: Rory’s Berlin Blog   deutschenglish

Settling in Berlin: Travelwriter Rory MacLean gives an amusing and insightful account of his new home – part of “Meet the Germans”.

Weblog: Japanese guests in Germany   日本語

Scholarship holders from Japan who are guests at the Goethe-Institutes in Germany write what they experience in German everyday life

Weblog: Librarian in Residence   deutschenglish

Impressions, ideas and insights from the library scene in New York and beyond

Weblog: Überblog   deutschenglishfrançais

The blog of the Goethe-Institut Montréal

Weblog: Festival of German Films   english

Australia's film experts on German films