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Out to the village! - Berliners in the Country

Berliners in the Country (Photo: © Tobias Schäfer) Live in the big city or in the country? Immersed in urban diversity or enjoying nature and rural peace? A question that surely everyone has asked himself sometime. Probably because it is about more than simply where to live. Behind the alternative “Town or Country” lie very individual dreams and ideas about life.

In purely statistical terms, the trend in Germany is towards big city life. In recent years Berlin has been growing steadily. While population in surrounding rural regions melts away, with the exception of the exurbs, the “capital city effect” constantly attracts people to the metropolis: the job, the pubs, the theatre, the cinemas, the high-class Italian restaurant – all lie more or less at the doorstep. In return, one puts up with building site noise and the over-crowded Tube.

But they exist: Berliners who move to the country. They are drawn to a life with its very own quiet charm: no hood, but your own garden. A big house, which would have cost a fortune in Berlin. Little culture, but forest, meadows and pastures at the doorstep, perhaps even a lake. No scrambling and pushing, but marvellously fresh air. And suddenly you have lots and lots of room – not only at the doorstep, but also in your head – and opportunities of living out very different dreams. Out to the village! – Nine Berliners tell why they have turned their backs on the city and how they are doing.

Photos / Text:
Susanne Gupta, Sabine Genz, Rotraut Greune, Thomas Winkler, Tobias Schäfer, Ula Brunner

Translation: Jonathan Uhlaner
Copyright: Goethe-Institut e. V., Internet-Redaktion
February 2013

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