Berlin – Fashion, Art and Party Capital

Pelle and Caruso, Stars of the Katzencafé; Photo: Juliane Wiedemeier

Coffee, Cake and Cats

Cuddle a cat whilst relishing coffee and cheesecake at a new café in Neukölln, Berlin. They say it’s quite relaxing.More ...
Bassnectar, one of the artists who uses the Ableton software, Live | © Ableton

“Music of the future” – Ableton’s music software goes around the world

Ableton’s Software Live is to musicians what the Mercedes is to car enthusiasts: a German quality product. A visit to Berlin-based music software company Ableton.More ... | ©

“Humbugs wouldn’t stand a chance”: An interview with Conrad Fritzsch of

Is there money to be made with an online music channel? And what exactly are rooftop concerts? – Conrad Fritzsch, founder of, answers these and other questions.More ...
© Native Instruments

Hunger for New Sounds – An Interview with Daniel Haver of Native Instruments

The dream of powerful synthesizers in the mid-nineties, an artificial organ, the happy marriage of technology and music, and Berlin as the place where all this is possible.More ...
Ocelot in Berlin © Yves Sucksdorff

Reinventing the Bookshop

Pretty much presumed dead in these times of booming online sales, local bookshops are experiencing a renaissance in major cities. We visited two start-ups in Berlin.More ...
Berliners in the Country (Photo: © Tobias Schäfer)

Out to the village! - Berliners in the Country

Live in the big city or in the country? This question is about more than simply where to live. Behind the alternative “Town or Country” lie very individual dreams and ideas about life.More ...
Spherical mood on the night of May 25, 2007 in the newly re-opened Tresor | Photo: © dpa

Berlin Club Culture – from 1990 to Today

If the club of the time of the turnaround did not have even a tax ID number, those of today are no longer able to make do without a business plan. Two films tell the story of Berlin‘s club culture.More ...
Creative Strategies for Berlin (Creative Commons)

Creative Strategies for Berlin: Project Future

For 15 years, the Project Future initiative has been supporting Berlin as a centre for the information society: a successful scheme which has benefited above all Berlin’s creative industries.More ...
Cupcakes; © Nelson

More than Coffee and Cake – The Cult Cafés of Berlin

Berliners like to meet up with people in cafés, although the concept of the café is not necessarily restricted to just coffee and cake.More ...
Graffiti in Prenzlauer Berg; Photo: Lorenz Vierecke

Berlin and its “Kieze”

When people in Berlin ask the question, “What ‘Kiez’ (neighbourhood) do you live in?”, they are not just interested in the geographical location.More ...
Focal point Berlin; Photo: Lorenz Vierecke

Ghosts, Rap and Fast Food – Berlin with a Difference

Berlin is a city with an eventful history and an overwhelming cultural diversity. City guides are helping visitors to discover the most interesting and most exciting places.More ...
[030] Logo; © Zitty Verlag

Getting Round Berlin

What’s going on in Berlin? Whoever wants to get his bearings in the German capital has a wide palette of possibilities at his disposal.More ...
Professor Hartmut Häussermann; Photo: Anita Back

“Berlin is a city with no tradition and that is to its advantage” – An Interview with Hartmut Häussermann

Berlin is an urban sociotope of a very special kind. Nobody knows it as well as the sociologist, Hartmut Häussermann.More ...
Green Party pro-women campaign advertising. Photo: Verena Hütter

The Little Green Man and Little Green Woman – Berlin Gender Walks

In gender walking participants scrutinise the city from a very particular perspective: the view through gender glasses.More ...
Hörpol station “Courage” in no. 39 Rosenthaler Street, in front of the Otto Weidt’s Workshop for the Blind Museum. Photo: Verena Hütter

History from Headphones – “Hörpol”, an Audio Tour through the Streets of Berlin

Equipped with a map and a Walkman, young people can experience Jewish history on the spot in the centre of Berlin.More ...
Ostel View of a room; Copyright: Ostel - Das DDR-Interior-Design-Hotel

Out-of-the-ordinary Overnight Accommodation in Berlin

Germany's capital city has never had so many overnight guests – and its young visitors in particular can now choose from a wide range of more or less offbeat accommodation.More ...

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Current Exhibitions in Germany

Weblog: Rory’s Berlin Blog

Settling in Berlin: Travelwriter Rory MacLean gives an amusing and insightful account of his new home – part of “Meet the Germans”.