Travelling Between Cultures

    About Fikrun

    Fikrun wa Fann was a cultural magazine published by the Goethe Institute from 1963 to 2016 that supported and shaped the cultural exchange between Germany and Islamic countries. Together with the publishing of the last issue, “Flight and Displacement” (issue 105), in autumn of 2016 the maintenance and updating of this online portal was ceased.
    Ilija Trojanow in Allahabad, India. © Photo: Thomas Dorn

    The Art of Travelling

    ‘The man who loves his homeland is still a tender beginner; the man who loves every part of the earth as if it were his native home has come a long way; but only the man for whom the whole world has become a foreign land is truly mature.’ – Hugh of St Victor, Christian theologian (c. 10971141)More ...
    Holiday apartments, Altea Costa Blanca, Spain. © Photo: Holert/Terkessidis

    Migrants and Tourists

    The Similarities between Travel for Pleasure and Travel out of Necessity.More ...
    Annemarie Schwarzenbach, Kabul 1939. © Photo: Unknown.
From the book Unsterbliches Blau (Immortal Blue), Scheidegger & Spiess, Zürich 2003.

    The Imponderability of Travelling – From Iran to Afghanistan

    ‘Our life is like a journey …’, and so for me a journey seems to be more a concentrated reflection of our existence than an adventure and excursion into unfamiliar realms.More ...
    © Photo: Guy Helminger

    The Road to Kangaba

    Travelling in Mali.More ...
    © Photo: Santiago Sierraak

    The Art of Travelling

    A conversation with the philosopher and writer Alain de Botton about the pressure of expectation, the north-south divide, and being disappointed in the Grand Canyon.More ...