Culture and Development: Consulting and Networking

Copyright: Goethe-Institut, Bálint MeggyesiCultural Management, Palmira Wora at Outhere Records | © Gienno Kapitza

Naturally, artists always network with one another in the scope of their work. However, the specific network meetings and method-oriented workshops by Culture and Development link stakeholders, initiatives, and institutions from Germany and from the partner countries so that together they draw attention to common socio-political issues. They enable cultural professionals, activists, interested persons, buyers, and critics to discuss crucial social subject matter from all genres. Journeys for experts and exchange programmes between institutions also enable the stakeholders to consult with one another and provide and receive stimuli. Only institutions with a need, demand, and interest in new contacts are involved in the advisory work so that it evolves into a dialogue and discourse between autonomous partners.
         New Perspectives Network (Photo: Goethe-Institut)

        New Perspectives Network – Culture and Climate

        How can cultural projects heighten people’s awareness for environmental challenges? The New Perspectives Network was launched by the Goethe-Institut in Eastern Europe/Central Asia. The aim is to support environmental protection in the successor states of the former Soviet Union.More ...

        International Museum Fellowship

        Franckesche Stiftungen, office of the Kulturstiftung des Bundes in Halle
        Franckesche Stiftungen, office of the Kulturstiftung des Bundes in Halle
        Applications to take part in the International Museum Fellowship programme were invited from museums and public collections. In july 2012 the Federal Cultural Foundation, in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut, awarded a total of 19 fellowships.
        Federal Cultural Foundation
          Young Composers South East Asia | © Goethe-Institut

          Young Composers Southeast Asia – A Highly Influential Project

          The initiative proved path breaking for artistic capacity building in the field of contemporary music in Southeast Asia.More ...
          Probe des derzeitigen Orquesta Juvenil The Central American Youth Orchestra with Helmuth Mebert as solist, © Initiative Todos listos, ya!

          With Musical Fervour and Skill

          Young musicians from Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama and Nicaragua met in February 2011 for the first music camp and concert meeting of the newly formed Central American Youth Orchestra on Lake Atitlán in Guatemala.More ...

          Journalist exchange “Closeup”   deutschenglish

          Journalists from Germany and from overseas will exchange their living places and jobs for one month. From a foreign perspective they report on their impressions of the new locale.
          Invitation programme to the Cape Town Book Fair 2012

          Publishers Invitation Programme to the Cape Town Book Fair 2012   deutschenglish

          The Goethe-Institut was once again offering a publishers invitation programme to the Cape Town Book Fair (15 – 17 June 2012).

          Reportagen Bilder Gespräche: Kultur und Entwicklung

          Magazin des Goethe-Instituts (Foto: Goethe-Institut)
          The issue 02/2012 of the Goethe-Institut magazine conveys a vivid impression of the initiative “Culture and Development”.

          Alumniportal Deutschland

          The Alumniportal Deutschland is the place for foreigners who have finished an education in Germany. The portal offers information, trainings, jobs, networks and a lot more.