Culture and Development: Capacity Building

Copyright: Goethe-InstitutVaran Summer Film School Vietnam | © Doan Hong Le

Production-oriented workshops in the cultural programming fields of the Goethe-Instituts abroad train professionals such as documentary filmmakers, curators, art teachers, and musicians. Modular seminars in cultural and project management with internships at cultural and educational institutions in Germany train cultural managers and journalists, among others.

    Kulturelle Vielfalt im Fokus

    Hu 互 Tan 探 | © Andreas Kueppers

    Hu 互 Tan 探 - German-Chinese Exchange Programme in Cultural Management - Third Round

    Five Chinese and five German culture managers will have the chance to participate in an exchange and qualification programme in cultural management from late August 2015.More ...
    Kulturakademie 2015 | © Nizar Souissi

    Basic Course in Cultural Management 2015 - The Participants

    The Goethe-Institut offers a basic course for stakeholders in the cultural world, as well as for active members of cultural associations in Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.More ...

    “Enthusiasts’ Highway”

    Report on the international conference Cultural Management: Cultural Policy. By Merle Hilbk.

    Reportagen Bilder Gespräche: Kultur und Entwicklung

    Magazin des Goethe-Instituts (Foto: Goethe-Institut)
    The issue 02/2012 of the Goethe-Institut magazine conveys a vivid impression of the initiative “Culture and Development”.

    Alumniportal Deutschland

    The Alumniportal Deutschland is the place for foreigners who have finished an education in Germany. The portal offers information, trainings, jobs, networks and a lot more.