Joel Grigolo
Joel Grigolo is a maker and hacker activist from Porto Alegre, Brazil, who works with the Matehackers since 2013. He received a Bachelor of Social Sciences from UFRGS in 1999 and worked with social movements in empowerment actions of children and adolescents and projects in solidary economy income generation with women from remote communities in social risk. In 2000 he worked in the Porto Alegre City Hall as responsible for public policies of income generation. Grigolo also is a member of the Cultural Association “Vila Flores”, considering alternative ways of generating employment and income for creative endeavors, including the creation of an alternative currency to strengthen creative economy networks. As an entrepreneur he joined the “Galpão Makers”, the initiative of a collective of small individual enterprises and entrepreneurs identified with the movement "makers", with "The Final Cut" a prototyping bureau and digital manufacturing.