Reinhard Merkel
Reinhard Merkel © privat
Reinhard Merkel is professor of criminal law and philosophy of law at the Law Faculty of the University of Hamburg. He worked as an editor in the arts section of DIE ZEIT and in 1991 received the Jean Amery Award for Essay Writing. Since 2010, Merkel has been a member of the Leopoldina National Academy of Sciences and since 2012, on the recommendation of the government, a member of the German Ethics Council. His research interests are the dogmatic of criminal law, legal philosophical basic research, law and ethics in medicine, philosophy of the mind and international criminal law. His publications include Strafrecht und Satire im Werk von Karl Kraus (1994), ‘Früheuthanasie’. Ärztliche Entscheidungen über Leben und Tod in der Neonatalmedizin (2001), Forschungsobjekt Embryo (2002) and Willenfreiheit und rechtliche Schuld (2008; 2014).