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Villa Dürckheim. © Bildarchiv Foto Marburg
Villa Dürckheim. © Bildarchiv Foto Marburg,

The villa of Count Friedrich von Dürckheim-Montmartin was built after designs by Henry van de Velde in 1912/13. In 1945, the Red Army confiscated the building, turning it into the headquarters of its secret service and into a Soviet commandant’s office. From 1968 to 1989, the villa, located at Cranachstraße 47, was seat of the district administration of the GDR’s Ministry of State Security. Today, the Villa Dürckheim is home to the Internationale Kolleg für Kulturtechnikforschung und Medienphilosophie (IKKM; International Research Institute for Cultural Technology and Media Philosophy) at Weimar’s Bauhaus University.

Cranachstraße 47 | 99423 Weimar