I eat the sun and dring the Rain - Sven Helbig, Mitglieder des Ensembles und Opernchor des Deutschen Nationaltheaters Weimar
I eat the sun and dring the Rain - A musical and literary performance about art in times of digital sharing - Performers: Sven Helbig, members of the ensemble and opera choir of the Deutsche Nationaltheater Weimar © Sven Helbig
Applause and “likes”, live moments and downloads, genius and self-marketing – the digital revolution of the 21st century has transformed the creation and experience of art.
The basic situation of the evening is a live concert consisting of a selection from Sven Helbig’s 2015 cycle of choral songs “I eat the sun and drink the rain.” Interacting with the atmospheric performance by the 30-member opera choir, a textual collage interrogates the implications that the era of unlimited digital sharing has for artists and their art, for the reception and the audience of works of art.