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Tardi/Verney: Elender Krieg 1914-1919. Copyright: Edition Moderne 2014Tardi/Verney ELENDER KRIEG 1914-1919, © Edition Moderne 2014

    Comics and the First World War

    In recent years, it has been widely acknowledged that the interwar years and the Second World War figure prominently in modern comics, with the rise of the superhero, and thus of the genre, being closely tied to this era. It therefore seems logical that the medium is also turning to the First World War.More ...
    Tardi/Verney ELENDER KRIEG 1914-1919, © Edition Moderne 2014

    Jacques Tardi’s Goddamn this War!

    For more than forty years, french comic author Jacques Tardi has engaged with the First World War.More ...
    Sacco DER ERSTE WELTKRIEG – 1. Juli 1916: Die Schlacht an der Somme, © Edition Moderne 2014

    One day at the Somme

    The American illustrator Joe Sacco is considered to be the creator of the comics reportage. With his books on crisis regions he regularly causes controversial debates.More ...
    Zeichnung von Corto Maltese; © SobohP, CC-BY-NC-SA

    South Sea Ballad

    In 1967, the Italien comics artist Hugo Pratt published “Una ballata del mare salato” (Ballad of the Salt Sea). The adventure tale takes Pratt’s serial hero Corto Maltese into the events of the First World War south of the Equator.More ...

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