Project management and program concept:
Dr. Andreas Ströhl

Anne Eberhard, Rolf C. Peter

Organization and contact:
Nadja Kranz
Tel.: +49 89 15921-213

Coordination web/editorial content:
Anna Burck

Press contact:
Viola Noll
Press spokesperson
Goethe-Institut Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 25906-471
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Aimée Torre Brons
Project-related communication
“Reclaiming Public Space”
Tel.: +49 30 617896663
Mobil: +49 170 2703912
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Key Visual

Foto: kallejipp; Quelle: Photocase

Fikrun wa fann: Media

Fikrun wa Fann, the Goethe-Institut’s cultural magazine. Articles of the issue on media.

Humboldt: Protest 2.0 “Time for Revollusion”

An arts journal intended to nurture cultural exchange between Germany and Latin America, Spain and Portugal, also available as e-paper.

100 voices

One hundred video interviews about change in the Arab World

Going Public – On the Possibility of a Public Statement

Public art in Lithuania, Belarus, Kaliningrad and Germany

Dossier: Civil Society

Aktion des Projekts “Zwanzig-Forint-Operette”/ A „Húszforintos opera“ projekt akciója. Copyright: Fekete Hajnal
What characterises German civil society with its long-standing traditions and the strong re-emergence of Hungarian civil society? An overview.