Francisco Polo, activist, Change.org country Director Spain

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“We, citizens, have more power than we've been told. Everyday, people all around the world start and join petitions about the issues they care about. This is the world we are living: a world where change is a part of our everyday's life.”

At age 20, Francisco Polo founded a local chapter of Amnesty International in Barcelona. Six years later, he was successfully running the “Say No to Cluster Bombs” campaign in Spain. In 2010, he set up the petition platform Actuable.es that was acquired by Change.org in 2011. At 31, he is now the organisation's Country Director in Spain.

With 25 million users from 196 countries, Change.org is the largest petition platform in the world today. Every day, people use it to launch social, political and ethical campaigns to transform their local, national and global environments.
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