urban Actions

urban Actions
The city and architecture are never just lifeless stone. Despite its fixed structures, the city is a social fabric made up of actions and occurrences, encounters and interactions. Whether audio or video walks, mobile theatre formats or action forms that link digital and analogue spaces with each other: together with residents and passers-by, artists are generating their city in ever-new ways. Art action and social practice, flash mob and hapening, theatre, dance and architecture blend into each other. A diversity of urban actions is emerging that engages with the city and its living environments.

    • GLOBAL
      We-Traders. Swapping crisis for city

      One platform, six cities and thirty initiatives of artists, activists, designers and citizens who create their city themselves and benefit from the experience of the others. Together with the Goethe-Institute Angelika Fitz and Rose Epple created the urban network We-Traders – for more cities worth living, in spite of crisis. www.goethe.de/wetraders
      Hotel Shabbyshabby

      The quite different hotel room: the festival Theater der Welt, Raumlaborberlin and ARTE Creative invited lunatic constructors, students and professionals to create their concept of the perfect hotel room, imbedded in the city, and offer visitors a completely new way to experience Mannheim. http://raumlabor.net
      Informal Studio Marlboro

      The residents of the derelict neighborhood Marlboro in Johannesburg faced the challenge to decide on their fate themselves. Together with the architects collective 26'10 and students they created a concept of living in Marlboro, according to their own needs – and not to their government. http://blog.goethe.de/weltstadt/plugin/tag/johannesburg
    • NEW YORK
      The High Line Park

      Demolition of the former overhead High Line railway track in West Manhattan was considered settled. But neighbours Joshua David and Robert Hammond averted its fate. Through their fund-raising campaign "Friends of the High Line Park", the 2.5 km long site was transformed into a public park. www.thehighline.org
      Parque Augusta

      In the midst of Sao Paolo, a metropolis of 20 million, collectives and neighbours are struggling to preserve a city park, the Parque Augusta – the city centre's last open green space. www.parqueaugusta.cc

      Controversial: in the urban intervention Chandelier, South African artist Steven Cohen struts in high heels and draped with a chandelier through the Newtown slum in Johannesburg, which at that very moment is being cleared by the municipal authorities. www.stevenson.info
    • BERLIN
      Remote X

      50 individuals who have never met before swarm out into the city. A synthetic voice in their headphones directs them to unknown territories, gives advices to spread and re-form to a collective movement. Remote X of Stefan Kaegi is a treasure hunt and an urban soundtrack with its own dramaturgy. www.rimini-protokoll.de
    • MUNICH

      What might sound like construction and gentrification is currently the white hope of Munich’s art and culture scene. With affordable space, open doors and 20,2 hectare area the Kreativquartier sets a paradigm shift which includes citizens and invites artists to stay.
      THE PAST

      Constanza Macras deals in her dance theatre with mnemonics. Starting point is the city as a concrete geographical space, as an anchor for memory, as a notion and a mind-set. Destruction and bombing attack not only the architecture, but also the memories of people. www.dorkypark.org

      A wooden bridge named Luchtsingel stretches 390 metres from the city centre to the northern part of Rotterdam, inviting one to explore long-forgotten corners of the city on foot. www.luchtsingel.org

      Who owns the city? Surprising parallels between Turkey and Brazil were found at the São Paulo Biennial. www.goethe.de/saopaulo
    • MUNICH
      Urban Prayers

      Is Munich a city of God? One year took his research in Munich's communities of faith to fine the references of religion in its social and political context. Urban Prayers of Björn Bicker gives an insight to holy places of the city and uncovers both positions and misunderstandings of faith and religion. www.muenchner-kammerspiele.de

      A read line crosses the city. In times when red lines are read as highly politically meant to divide and separate, Mamazas Asingeline intends to connect, almost literally, the public society with their art. www.mamaza.net
      Wem gehört die Stadt?

      With urban megaprojects the Turkish government attracts foreign investors to Istanbul. For rapid growth profitable neighborhoods in the city center are declared risk areas in order to make home owners sell their houses and move to the outskirts. Imre Azem’s film offers a critical perspective on this urban transformation: Who owns the city – the people or the investors? www.goethe.de/urbanplaces
    • NEW YORK
      Brooklyn Navy Yard

      The fusion of ideas builds the center of collaboration: Through the engagement of architects and designers, engineers and biologists up to computer specialists the Brooklyn Navy Yard has transformed to a space where the future city – a smart and sustainable one – is about to be created.
    • MADRID
      Campo de Cebada

      "El Campo de Cebada", which is founded by the civil society, organizations and architects, is a meeting point, a public garden or a stage for musicians. But first of all it is the result of civil engagement and a symbol for the reclamation of public space in Madrid. http://elcampodecebada.org
    • MUNICH
      Müllerstraße 6

      Dressed up as Gorillas, Munich activists and local prominents enter a city-owned property and start to renovate what is officially labled as unfixable. Again the Goldgrund Immobilien Organisation makes waves in Munich's real estate industry and intervenes where the interests of residents are not being heard. www.goldgrund.org
      The Fountain House/
      La maison Fontaine

      A spring of fresh water, surrounded by a vertical garden, changes the atmosphere between blocks and high-rise buildings. In collaboration with the Goethe Institute, the German collective raumlaborberlin has created a unique public installation, the Fountain House, to take place in the heart of Montréal. www.raumlabor.net
    • MUNICH
      The Große Goldgrund city tour

      Three Munich activists beat real-estate sharks at their own game. With the slogan "We can only speculate," the Goldgrund Immobilien Organisation with Till Hofmann, Christian Ganzer and Alex Rühle offers a tour of the city for "financial high-performers," and without further ado also stops the demolition of a building from the Wilhelminian era. www.moopmama.com
    • GLOBAL
      Walking the City

      Walking, as an act of moving through space, may seem self-evident to us. To the artist duo Ligna it's nothing of the kind. They show how specific places give us unconscious instructions and alter them by simply giving new impulses to bodies in urban space. ligna.blogspot.de
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