German as a foreign language

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German as a foreign language

Worldwide, German is tought and learned as a foreign language - and for good reasons. The first foreign language at the early age of four? In Eastern Europe, in particular, a growing number of kindergarden and elementary school kids learn German. Dossier on the history of GFL, on learning GFL, studying and teaching

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    Sports and German

    Get to know German sport stars like Magdalena Neuner and Sebastian Vettel – or tell us about your favorite sport yourself. Or get familiar with the most important German sport terms so you can get involved!

    Immigration of Spouses

    Frequently asked questions and a sample-exam regarding the “Sprachnachweis” for husbands or wives joining his or her spouse in Germany.

    The new German test

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    is intended for immigrants, who desire to live in Germany for a substantial amount of time.