Multilingualism and Economy

Introduction To The Focal Subjects

"Multilingualism And Economy"

The project, “The Role of Multilingualism in the Economy” is conceived as a source of innovation for initiatives seeking to programmatically integrate multilingual orientation in business policy –with special focus on content, method and organisation.
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Companies profit from employees who possess foreign-language Photo: Diogo Basílio © iStockphoto

Language and cultural awareness as a vital factor in business success

Companies are missing out on business opportunities by not investing in the foreign-language and intercultural capacities of their employees.More ...
Dr. Mara C. Harvey © private

“Respect is the key” – Dr. Mara C. Harvey on Multilingualism in Companies

Dr. Mara C. Harvey is Managing Director at the financial firm UBS in Frankfurt.More ...
When dealing with persons who have learned a foreign language, it is courteous to allow them to practice what they have learned. Copyright: Colourbox

Appropriate Language Choice for International Contacts

For the most part, the French speak French all over the world, self-assuredly and as if it were the most natural thing in the world. But they might well offend their conversation partners by doing so. The Germans, on the contrary, are all too happy to forgo using their native language for international contacts.More ...
The language skills of child minders at daycare centres often prove invaluable. 
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Immigrant Languages: An Occupational Asset

Dr. Bernd Meyer, a linguist at the University of Hamburg, was commissioned by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) to identify occupational fields in which immigrant languages may be of use.More ...

German as a Foreign Language in Business: Employees that learn German are more Content and Work better

Germany is a country of immigration, and the question of how it should deal with cultural and ethnic diversity as well as immigration and integration has been much discussed.More ...

The European Economy – No Chance On The Global Market Without Multilingualism

The European Union is a little like a big Switzerland – a common economic zone with more than one language.More ...


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With texts, sound reports and photos, reporters cover four selected projects within the “Multilingualism – Languages without Borders” initiative.