The Programme

copyright: ColourboxThe programme comprised a number of specialist sections (the details can be found in the overviews available for download) and the framework programme.

Download the complete programme
Download SymbolProgrammheft zu „Sprachen ohne Grenzen“ (PDF, 798 KB)

Programme overview

  morning afternoon evening
17.09.2009   Opening
(by invitation)
Exhibition: Multilingualism around the globe
18.09.2009 Download SymbolLanguage and integration - language examinations  
(in collaboration with ALTE - Association of Language Testers in Europe)
Download SymbolFramework programmeDeutsche Flagge exibition, guided city tour and dramatic productions
Download SymbolEducation Deutsche Flagge
(theories and practice of multilingual teaching)
Exhibition: Multilingualism around the globe

Download SymbolLanguage and integration - languages of origin
(in collaboration with IDS - Institut für Deutsche Sprache)

Conclusion and framework programme
Download SymbolMultilingualism in science  Deutsche Flagge
(in collaboration with the DAAD – Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst)
Download SymbolMultilingualism and economy Deutsche Flagge
(in collaboration with ERFA – Erfahrungsaustauschring Fremdsprachenausbildung in der Wirtschaft)
Exhibition: Multilingualism around the globe


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    11 Questions on Multilingualism

    Successful Lithuanians and Germans tell about learning languages, language in daily life and multilingualism in Lithuania and Germany.


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