"Dubash" – A Literature Project in India in 2008

India is the classic land of multilingualism. India is so multilingual and that for such a long time that multilingualism is hardly an "issue". Alongside Indo-Germanic Sanskrit there is the group of Dravidic languages in the south of the subcontinent, whose users point out with pride that their language is much older even than Sanskrit.

It is known from the Mogul courts that they employed dubash – the name du bash = two languages indicates the activity. They played a very important role in understanding and communication and thus had considerable power over the relationship between people. One person who we know used this power and influenced the course of history is the Aztec princess La Malinche.

A lover of Cortéz, she continues to live in what is today Mexico, where "malinchismo" is used to describe an exaggerated affection for things foreign. Where people speak, stories will emerge, and the "Dubash" project was intended to inspire writers to write short stories on multilingualism.

As a literature project it was aimed at writers in countries with or without multilingualism. The call was for short stories and anecdotes on the subject of multilingualism.

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