New Worlds – New Spaces: An intercultural project in three languages (Australia)

Shaped by immigration cultural diversity is an apparent feature of Australia’s past and present. As culture is inseparable from language this also encompasses multilingualism.

Among others European immigrants have played an important role in this process by contributing their various cultures and languages to Australia. However, they were also not left untouched by the experience of a „new world“.

Inspired by the art of Australian and European-born artists in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries „New Worlds- New Spaces“ explored the connections between the „old world“ and the „new world“ in a multi-dimensional and multi-lingual performance which combined paintings and photography with live music, poetry and text recitals in French, German and Spanish.

copyright: Goethe-Institut Melbourne

Brought to you by several Australian and European institutions the first performance was held at Federation Hall. To stimulate a discussion, wine and cheese were offered after the event. The other two performances took place at the Ian Potter Centre in front of the original artworks.
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