Conference "Early Language Learning – A Way To Multilingualism" (Slovenia)

The education and training policy of the European Union aims to enable all Europeans to communicate in two languages in addition to their mother tongue. It hopes to improve language learning and multilingualism particularly by teaching at least two foreign languages to everyone from a very early age.

To support this initiative and to contribute to the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue, EUNIC Slovenia had decided to organise a conference in cooperation with the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education and the Ministry of Education and Sport.
The aim of this event was to promote multilingualism and encourage the integration of early language learning into school curricula by raising the awareness of the latest research, trends and models in the learning and teaching of languages to young learners. The conference was aimed at experts and policy makers in the area of early language teaching, heads of schools and kindergartens, experts within universities, ministries and related institutions, members of professional councils, and language teachers.
It consisted of plenary sessions and panel discussions and was free of charge.

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