Youth Parliament: Latin America – Europe – Africa: A Dialogue That Unites (Uruguay)

With this project the Goethe-Institut Uruguay wishes to take up the slogan "For a Better World" coined by the European-African Youth Summit 2007 and, together with school students form Latin America, Africa and Europe, give it substance and develop it further at a Youth Parliament in Montevideo.

At this "future workshop" the participants will not only gain insight into the global process of integration, but will also become aware of their common, unifying identity as "globalists" . In all, 5 programme countries and 5 partner countries will take part in this project with 60 school students.

The Youth Parliament has a national part and an international one. The national sessions of the respective country, conducted locally, will give an introduction to and explanation of the committee topics and instil an awareness of the principles of a consensus-directed debate. The international session will be held in May 2010 in the Mercosur parliament building in Montevideo, where proposals for solutions and strategies for achieving them will be drawn up and developed in relation to the following current topics:

1. Approaches to a sustainable attainment of the eight millennium development goals
2. Approaches to furthering human dignity, equal rights and democracy
3. Approaches to combating racism
4. Approaches to protecting the climate
5. Approaches to tackling the world economic crisis

The proposals will be given concrete substance in the committees, published in the form of resolutions and debated and adopted in the concluding plenary session. Decision-makers, politicians and the press will take an active part in this process and they will receive the results in writing. The Parliament's own website will contain reports on the events and results, the plenary sessions will be broadcast via a live video link and a film team will document the high-spots of the Youth Parliament.
The aim of this project is to sustainably promote the development of a profound global awareness and understanding among young people on three, partly very different continents and to provide an opportunity for personality development and communication. With this the Goethe-Institut Uruguay wishes to support a sustainable and enduring world development, and to stimulate international collaboration between young people, the exchange of experience and the setting up of enduring and global networks.

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