How do movies deal with climate change? To what extent can movies raise public awareness for this topic? In collaboration with ECOMOVE International the Goethe-Institut has put together a series of films entitled Climate.Culture.Change that addresses the causes of the climate crisis and presents a few possible ways out. Moreover, the Goethe-Institut recommends 30 outstanding movies on the topic of climate change.
Menschen – Träume –Taten, Deutschland 2007, Andreas Stiglmayr, © Stiglmayr Film, 90 Min.Movie Package Climate.Cultur.Change
The 13 feature-length and short film productions of the series highlight the social dimension of climate change. More...
    Foto Petropolis © Autlook filmsale GmbHAdditional Recommendations
    As a supplement to the film series Climate.Culture.Change, Goethe-Institut, together with ECOMOVE International, has compiled a list of further recommendable films and TV productions. More...

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