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 Vo Trong Nghia Architects: House for Trees, Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt, 2014

ARCH+ features 58: Võ Trọng Nghĩa

The pioneering development of architecture in VietnamMore ...
Photographer: Hiroyuki Oki, © Hiroyuki Oki

The Return of Climate"

ARCH+ on current developments in architecture in Vietnam and climate-friendly buildings on the occasion of the publication of Arch+ Edition no. 227, February 2017: “Vietnam – The Return of Climate.”More ...
© Architect Koen Olthuis, Waterstudio.NL

The Floating Dutchman

In the tradition of his water-taming nation, Dutchman Koen Olthuis designs floating islands to dwell and live on – not least because climate change calls for new solutions in architecture.More ...
Photo (CC BY-SA): FreshWater

The democratization of water

Three Chilean engineers developed FreshWater, a domestic appliance. It could grant millions of Latin Americans autonomous access to safe drinking water.More ...
Photo (CC BY-ND): Wesley Nel

A taller, greener future

An abandoned brewery site near the very heart of Australia’s largest city has been reborn, and it’s becoming the toast of the town.
More ...
Straining kefir grains. Photo (CC BY-SA): by Lou Preston

Fermenting Change

The ancient culinary craft of fermentation is bubbling up once again. In a climate-constrained future, it could preserve both food and cultural diversity.More ...
Cowsat Les Amanins. Photo (CC BY-SA): Daniel Schürer

Cooperation in the Spirit of the Hummingbird

For a decade now, the agro-ecological centre Les Amanins has welcomed anyone interested in cooperation, education, autonomy and resource-friendly economic activity.More ...
Niels van Lingen, General Manager Thermiq. Photo (CC BY-NC-ND): ThermIQ

And Then a Light Went Off

Infrared panels provide focused and energy-efficient heating. Entrepreneur Niels van Lingen is burning to spread the technology.More ...
Students of a Normandy school that, thanks to EP, gains electricity from solar panels on the school roof. Photo (CC BY-SA): Energie Partagée

Choosing Tomorrow’s Energy—Together

By contributing to the citizens’ fund and association Énergie Partagée, everyone can become a champion of the energy revolution—for example, by supporting solar energy from Normandy.More ...
© Urgenda Foundation

An Urgent Warning

Since the climate doesn’t wait for politics to catch up, Marjan Minnesma is changing the world herself. With her Urgenda foundation, she presses ahead on the energy revolution.More ...
Photo: Stefano Borghi

POC21 – Crazy Dreamers or Clever Pioneers?

“Sustainability” is a big word, under which it is often difficult to imagine anything specific. It is different in Paris, where young inventors from around the world are devising things that will make our lives very practical and sustainable.More ...
Angelina Dawydowa; © Foto: privat

Angelina Davydova: "Our Environmental Consciousness is in Good Shape!"

Angelina Davydova, journalist and president of the Russian-German Bureau for Environmental Information, talks about her "Schools for the Environment" projects, new trends in environmentalism and her own eco habits.More ...
Airport Berlin-Brandenburg, Photo: Daniel Fuhrhop

“Ban Construction!” – proposals for a more sustainable approach to soil as a resource

Day after day, about 74 hectares of open space disappear in Germany beneath concrete and asphalt – ecologically valuable soil is being turned into land for construction and roads.
More ...
Design: NAU Architects Berlin (Michael Brown)

Original Unverpackt: Rubbish-Free Shopping

A supermarket with no packaging – can it work? Two Berliners have a go at it.More ...
Wuxi is home to Lake Tai, a major tourist attraction, but is also an industrial city with surging emissions; Photo: 二泉映月, via flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).

Wuxi-Düsseldorf and the challenge of green city partnerships

Can two very different cities in China and Germany find common solutions to climate change?More ...
Windrad; © Stadt Aachen

On the Way to a CO2 Neutral City – the Example of Aachen

What can communal climate protection do? An appraisal of Aachen’s experience.More ...
Werner Sobek, apartment house in Berlin, back side, Photo: Matthias Koslik

Sustainable and energy-efficient – keeping pace with climate protection in construction

Today, no one can afford not to care about sustainability, climate protection or energy efficiency. By the year 2020 there is to be a 40 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from the 1990 levels.More ...
: The “Guerrilla Garden Dwarves“ turn the city green; © Green City e. V.

Pecha Kucha at the “Klimaherbst” in Munich – On Your Spades, Get Set, Go!

At the Autumn Meeting on Climate in Munich twelve ideas on how to improve the way we protect our climate were aired.More ...
Climate Capsules, Haus Rucker, Environment Transformer; © MKG

The Future is a Bubble – the “Climate Capsules” Exhibition in Hamburg

Oases made of plastic, tent fashions, floating islands and cloud cities.More ...
Serie Las Vegas; © Alex S. MacLean für Akademie der Künste, 2009

How Cities Can Reconnect With The Landscape

The exhibition “Wiederkehr der Landschaft” (Return of Landscape) at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin proves one thing in particular – the 21st-century city has to be developed in accordance with the landscape.More ...
Map for Bad Kreuznach at the river Nahe – Water depth

The Amphibian Society

The increase in both the levels as well as the frequency of floods necessitate new forms of approaching the issue of flooding.More ...
Hanghaus 128, Stuttgart, architect: Werner Sobek © Roland Halbe

Common Sense for the World

80 percent of CO2 emissions are caused directly or indirectly by building and construction. Architecture in our cities will therefore have to adapt to the post-fossil age.More ...
„Perfumed Jungle“ – aus dem Band „Grüne Architektur heue!“, © VINCENT CALLEBAUT ARCHITECTURES / Philippe

Green Values — More And More Artists And Architects Are Opting For Ethical Aesthetics

When it comes to the quest for ethical aesthetics, all that glitters is not gold, but green.More ...
Signet of the Chair for CimaDesign; © Lehrstuhl für Bauklimatik und Haustechnik, TU München

Training Architects in Climate Change: ClimateDesign

In the Masters programme ClimaDesign at the Technical University of Munich, architects and engineers in the fields of civil engineering, electrical engineering and physics learn how to build houses that are at once beautiful, comfortable and good for the environment.More ...
The METreePOLIS project,Architects: HWKN HOLLWICHKUSHNER, New York, USA Cop: HOLLWICHKUSHNER LLC, Project Team: Matthias Hollwich, Marc Kushner, Robert May, Hwaseop Lee, TJ O’Keefe, Ben Muller, Jonathan Kowalkoski, Patricia Sahm

Radical Pragmatists - The architects Matthias Böttger and Friedrich von Borries from raumtaktik in Berlin

They are young. They want to make the world a better place. And where did they start their quest – at the Architecture Biennale 2008 in Venice.More ...

Future Perfect

The Goethe-Institut and the foundation Futurzwei collect stories for tomorrow – lived today, everywhere.


In "EnergieWendeKunst", artists give aesthetic expression to their ideas about climate change. The catalogue will be released in November 2015.

Global Ideas

GLOBAL IDEAS brings you original reporting about the smartest local projects to fight global climate change. All around the world.

Glacier Music

What do melting glaciers sound like? An art project and an open competition for multimedia artists from Central Asia on the problem of advancing glacial melting.