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Logo COP17/CMP7 – United Nations Climate Change Conference 2011, Durban, South AfricaLogo COP17/CMP7 – United Nations Climate Change Conference 2011, Durban, South AfricaThe 17th United Nations climate summit will take place from 28 November through 9 December 2011 in Durban, South Africa. The climate conference’s central concern is to pass a successor resolution to the Kyoto Protocols, which will expire next year.

South African Foreign Minister Briefs on Durban Climate Change Conference, © United Nations, New York, Photo # 476569The 16th climate summit in Cancún, Mexico produced a break-though at the last minute. Among the most significant results was a resolution limiting the rise in average global temperature to two degrees Celsius relative to preindustrial levels as well as establishing a 100-billion dollar climate fund for poorer nations to begin in 2020.

Given the fact that respectable results could emerge from Cancún in spite of a lesser likelihood of reaching a consensus, the world community now has high expectations of this year’s conference in Durban (COP 17). For one thing, the UN member states are to agree on concrete measures for implementing the resolutions passed in Cancún. And the negotiations are also to ensure a seamless continuation of the Kyoto Protocols.

The Goethe-Institut South Africa is contributing to the discussion – with exhibitions, workshops, performances and concerts in Durban and Johannesburg.

In the exhibition DON’T/PANIC, curator Gabi Ngcobo brings together works by prominent artists from African countries, which can be seen in Durban through 19 February 2012. Three choreographers from Soweto are setting off for Durban with their performance CAN DO IT!, and will draw attention to the conference at their stops at petrol and coach stations. The Nigerian-German musician Ade Bantu will appear with his band on the stage of the Green Hub – the City of Durban has created a festival venue here for the duration of the COP 17.

A workshop focusing on the creation of a soundscape will answer the question of what it sounds like when artists and children re-enact natural disasters. The result will be presented as a performance in artSPACE Durban. In Johannesburg, the South African artist Jyoti Mistry will present her video installation 09:21:25, on the first South African astronauts’ look back at the earth.
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November 2011
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