Paris 2015

Using the power of the wind; © industrieblick_Fotolia

Germany after the climate change conference – pressure on the pioneer

The global community set itself ambitious targets in Paris. Considerable efforts will also be needed in Germany if they are to be reached.More ...
Laurent Godard, creator of Flateurville | Foto: © Isabelle Foucrier

Flateurville – A Realistic Utopia in the Heart of Paris

The village Flateurville is a guest of the City Hall of Paris’s IV arrondissement on the occasion of the Climate Change Conference. Let’s take a look at this fund of good ideas for a better world.More ...
As part of the 21st UN Climate Change Conference, the exhibition EXIT at the Palais de Tokyo explores various aspects of worldwide migration using spectacular animations. | Photo (detail): E. Elias

UN Climate Change Conference 2015 - “It is impossible to distinguish between political and climate refugees”

Today, in addition to political refugees, there are climate refugees. At the 21st UN Climate Change Conference leading politicians have raised a new question: Are these terms perhaps not so different, but rather inextricably linked?More ...
 Plant fresco at Place To B | Photo: Marine Leduc

Place To B – A Meeting Place for Art and Media during the Climate Change Conference

During the 21st UN Climate Change Conference, the Place to B in the heart of Paris will set the course: in cooperative work journalists, artists and experts from around the world will develop a new climate message.More ...
Signs of climate change; © fotolia

2015 Climate Summit in Paris – “A global reduction target would be important”

Jochen Harnisch is Coordinator Climate Change Policy at the KfW Development Bank and a lead author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). He has been observing climate negotiations for more than two decades.More ...

Future Perfect

The Goethe-Institut and the foundation Futurzwei collect stories for tomorrow – lived today, everywhere.


In "EnergieWendeKunst", artists give aesthetic expression to their ideas about climate change. The catalogue will be released in November 2015.

Global Ideas

GLOBAL IDEAS brings you original reporting about the smartest local projects to fight global climate change. All around the world.

Glacier Music

What do melting glaciers sound like? An art project and an open competition for multimedia artists from Central Asia on the problem of advancing glacial melting.