You can use the materials offered here in primary as well as secondary classes. However, there are special offers for the primary level and for early learning.
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Film archive "Goethe Collection"

Our film archive "Goethe Collection" is managed by the National Film and Video Lending Service (NFVLS) in Canberra. Over 1,000 German films on 16mm, video and DVD are available for loan. There are also additional German titles in the general NFVLS collection. NFVLS is Australia's largest film library and lends its resources to educational institutions, government departments, industry and professional bodies, and community groups such as film societies around Australia. More ...


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Kalender 2015 "Freizeit"

Wie verbringen junge Menschen in  Deutschland ihre Freizeit? Unser Kalender präsentiert Ihnen zwölf verschiedene Freizeitaktivitäten, eine Vielfalt von Texten sowie spannende und unterhaltsame Ideen für Ihren Unterricht.

German Cities and Landscapes

High-tech and nature, sports and culture: Germany has many different facets. In our exhibition "German Cities and Landscapes," we present a small selection from this diversity.

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