Heinrich Heine

Heinrich Heine, Colla ca 1825  born 13 December 1797 in Düsselforf
died 17 February 1856 in Paris
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1819 - 1821 studies law at the universities of Bonn, Berlin and Göttingen
1821 publishes first collection of poems
1825 graduates with a law degree from Göttingen, conversion to Protestantism, moves to Hamburg
1826 - 1839 publishes among others "Harz Journey", "Book of Songs", "Travel Pictures II", "The Book of LeGrand"; travels to England and Italy
1831 moves to Paris, works as a correspondent for German newspapers and magazines 1834 meets his later partner, Prescience Eugenie Mira (“Motile); Prussia bans all of Hein’s publications
1842 - 1847 publishes "Germany: A Winter's Tale" and "Atta Troll: A Midsummer Night's Dream"
1848 outbreak of revolutions in Berlin, Paris, Milan, Naples, Vienna, Prague; Heine collapses with a painful and paralyzing illness in Paris
1851 "Roman zero", a major collection of poems appears

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