2006 - 5th Festival of German Films

A mix of 18 exclusive German feature and short films were chosen for the Festival of German Films 2006, which took place at the Chauvel Cinema in Sydney, at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in Melbourne, at Southern Cinemas in Brisbane and at Electric Shadows in Canberra in April. The highlights took in Fred Breinersdorfer‘s introduction to the screening of the award-winning film “Sophie Scholl – The final days” and panel discussions on "Strong Woman" and "Which future for the Arthouse" located in Melbourne and Sydney.

The Films

About the Looking for and Finding of Love
Almost Heaven
A Pass from the Back
Against all Odds
The Fisherman and his Wife
The Free Will
Measures to Better the World
No Songs of Love
One Day in Europe
The Red Cockatoo
Sophie Scholl – The Final Days
Summer in Berlin
The White Masai
Wild Chicks

The Festival Guests

Fred Breinersdorfer
Heike Makatsch
Till Nowak
Andreas Ströhl
Andrea Dittgen

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