The Circle ©Stefan Haupt
The Circle
Der Kreis

DOCUMENTARY, BIOGRAPHY, DRAMA // 102 Min. // 2014 // 18+
DIRECTOR: Stefan Haupt // SCREENPLAY: Stefan Haupt, Christian Felix, Ivan Madeo, Urs Frey
CAST: Matthias Hungerbühler, Sven Schelker, Röbi Rapp, Ernst Ostertag
During the year 1958, Ernst Ostertag is a young teacher who falls in love with transvestite entertainer Röbi Rapp. Although homosexuality is not illegal in Switzerland, being gay still means living a closeted lifestyle. As their love deepens, Ernst and Röbi become contributors to The Circle (Der Kreis), a ground-breaking magazine for gay men established in 1951. The Circle was headed by Karl Meier, an actor from the Cabaret Cornichon ensemble who edited under the pseudonym Rolf. Part documentary and part drama, “The Circle” features interviews with the real Ernst and Röbi - now in their 80s and still very much in love – and recreations of key chapters from their shared past. The result is an entertaining and fascinating window into a world of gay solidarity and support that existed long before Stonewall and LGBT Pride. FESTIVALS: Berlin Film Festival
AWARDS: Teddy and Panorama Audience Award 2014

Stefan Haupt attended the Acting Academy in Zurich from 1985 until 1988. He has been working as a freelance filmmaker since 1989 and was president of the Suisse Union of Film Directing and Screenplay between 2008 and 2010. His other works include I’m just a simple Person(1998), Downtown Switzerland (2004) and How about Love (2010).