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Variete ©Murnau Stiftung

SILENT FILM, DRAMA // 95 Min. // 1925/2015 // All Ages Accompanied
CAST: Emil Jannings, Lya de Putti, Warwick Ward, Maly Delschaft, Georg John
LANGUAGE: German and English subtitles
Love, lust and jealousy are the main ingredients of E. A. Dupont’s circus fairy tale. Former trapeze artiste “Boss” Haller leaves his wife and children behind in order to run away with Berta-Marie. The beautiful and seductive young dancer, however, begins an affair with artiste Artinelli. Varieté’s timeless fascination derives from its sophisticated staging as well as the suspense created by the actor’s facial expressions. Originally shot in 1925, the film was restored and digitalized in 2015 - just in time to premiere at the Berlinale. As the original film music was lost, The Tiger Lillies created a new sound track in their very own style. Until today, Emil Jannings, who plays “Boss” Haller in Varieté, is the only German to receive the Academy Award for Best Actor. Jannings nevertheless remains a controversial actor due to his later involvement in the Nazi film industry.
Screening in:
Tuesday 29 November
Chauvel Cinema

7:00 pm

Wednesday 30 November
Palace Cinema Como

8:15 pm

Wednesday 30 November
Palace Barracks

6:30 pm

Sunday 27 November
Palace Electric Cinema

8:30 pm

FESTIVALS: Berlinale 2015


"This drama about jealousy is one of the most significant pieces of the Weimar cinema tradition and turned out to be Dupont’s ticket to Hollywood." Kaleidoskop Filmforum Aachen

"For us the music we have made is very much from the heart. It is our circus music for a wonderful film." Martyn Jacques, front man of The Tiger Lillies