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Original Bliss Critic's Pick
Gleissendes Glück

DRAMA // 102 Min. // 2016 // 18+ // Australian Premiere
CAST: Martina Gedeck, Johannes Krisch, Ulrich Tukur
LANGUAGE: German with English subtitles
Loss of faith, domestic violence, psychological turmoil and pornography would not ordinarily make for a romantic drama, but Sven Taddicken’s Original Bliss proves to surprise along every corner. Trapped in a prison-like marriage and crumbling from her incessant insomnia, Helene seeks professional help from renowned psychologist Eduard Gluck. Despite an initially unsatisfying appointment, the two develop an unlikely attraction and fall into a relationship. It seems that Helene has discovered her dream man, but Gluck has his own secrets to deal with. Adapted from the 1997 novella by Scottish writer A.L. Kennedy, Original Bliss is a powerful psychological drama, with an outstanding performance from Martina Gedeck, which is will guaranteed to provoke and inspire.
Screening in:
Friday 18 November
Chauvel Cinema

9:00 pm

Monday 28 November
Palace Norton Street

9:00 pm

Friday 18 November
Palace Cinema Como

9:00 pm

Monday 28 November
Palace Westgarth

8:30 pm

Critic's Pick Paul Byrnes: "A. L. Kennedy’s 1997 short story of a woman adrift between her loss of faith and an abusive husband becomes an engrossing, mysterious, profoundly moving film in the hands of director Sven Taddicken, with a superb performance from Martina Gedeck."

"An elegantly disquieting investigation into the interrelation of faith, violence and sexual degradation, held together by a rivetingly sure-footed performance by German star Martina Gedeck." Jessica Kiang, Variety