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©Andreas Hartmann
My Buddha is Punk ©Andreas Hartmann
My Buddha is Punk
My Buddha Is Punk

DOCUMENTARY // 68 Min. // 2015 // 15+ // Australian Premiere
LANGUAGE: Burmese with English subtitles
Kyaw Kyaw is a young Burmese punk whose dream is to develop the punk scene in Myanmar. Despite the many democratic reforms, Kyaw Kyaw is convinced that remnants of the former military dictatorship continue to plague his country. Through his band’s music and participation in public demonstrations, Kyaw Kyaw expresses his severe condemnation of the ongoing violation of human rights and insufficient action against one of the world’s longest running civil wars. Along with the other members of his band, he travels across the country to try and raise awareness about these issues and promote his own philosophy, combining traditional Buddhism with his punk core and rejecting religious or political dogma.

Screening in:
Wednesday 16 November
Chauvel Cinema

6:30 pm

Saturday 26 November
Palace Norton Street

3:30 pm

Monday 21 November
Palace Kino Cinemas

8:45 pm

Saturday 26 November
Palace Westgarth

8:15 pm

FESTIVALS: Doc'n Roll Film Festival London 2016, WOMEX World Music Expo Santiago de Compostela 2016, Myanmar Film Festival of Los Angeles 2016, Festival dei Popoli Florence 2015