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The Murderers Are Among Us © DEFA Stiftung
The Murderers Are Among Us
Die Mörder Sind Unter Uns

DRAMA // 87 Min. // 1946 // M
CAST: Hildegard Knef, Ernst Wilhelm Borchert, Robert Forsch, Wolfgang Dohnberg, Arno Paulsen
LANGUAGE: German with English subtitles
Berlin 1945. Young photographer and Nazi concentration camp survivor Susanne Wallner returns to what used to be her home before the war, only to discover someone else living there. The damaged and abandoned apartment is now occupied by Dr Mertens, a former military surgeon traumatised by his horrific war experiences. Depressed and cynical, he only finds solace in spending his days drowning the painful memories in alcohol. But when Dr Mertens learns that Brückner, his former Nazi captain who was responsible for the murder of a hundred civilians, is still alive, his life takes a menacing new direction. In one of his most important works and the first film to come out of East Germany, former Nazi-director Wolfgang Staudte sets the tone for the post-war discussion about German guilt and atonement.
Retro: 70 Years of DEFA
Screening in:
Monday 21 November
Chauvel Cinema

6:30 pm

Monday 21 November
Palace Cinema Como

6:30 pm

"The excellently staged film The Murderers Are Among Us offered Hildegard Knef her first meaningful role as a young concentration camp survivor who falls in love with a doctor and embodies Germany’s hope and renewal [of the time]." ARTE