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Her Composition
Her Composition

DRAMA, MUSIC // 93 Min. // 2015 // 18+ // Australian Premiere
CAST: Joselyn Jensen, Christian Campbell, Margot Bingham, Ryan Metcalf, Alexander Stine
Unable to fund her academic goals and struggling to develop her graduation composition, music student Malorie starts work as a high-end escort. Awkward at first, Malorie soon finds inspiration in her regular intimate encounters and uses the experiences to create her new composition, turning her clients into sexual muses. But as she dives into a frenzied creative and sensual journey, Malorie's path to self-discovery becomes threatened by her developing self-destruction.

In his feature film debut, director Stephan Littger explores the concepts of female empowerment, sexuality and feminism, rejecting pre-defined ideas of gender roles in order to "turn the tables on the men".
Screening in:
Wednesday 16 November
Palace Norton Street

6:30 pm

Wednesday 23 November
Chauvel Cinema

8:50 pm

Friday 18 November
Palace Kino Cinemas

6:30 pm

Sunday 20 November
Palace Westgarth

6:00 pm

FESTIVALS: Max Ophüls Preis 2016

"Littger’s film offers a chance to flip preconceived notions on their heads, to create our own mind maps, to view an artist in her process, and see a (fictional) woman reinvent herself on her terms. This is absolutely a thinking film, but a bizarrely beautiful and entertaining one as well." Jessi Cape, Austin Film Festival