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Der Nachtmahr

DRAMA, MYSTERY, HORROR // 92 Min. // 2015 // 18+
DIRECTOR/SCREENPLAY: Achim Bornhak (aka Akiz)
CAST: Carolyn Genzkow, Sina Tkotsch, Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht, Arnd Klawitter, Julika Jenkins
LANGUAGE: German with English subtitles
Tina has everything a teenager could want, but after a massive rave one night, her life takes a terrifying turn. Night after night she becomes haunted by a grotesque creature, which only she seems to see. With her deteriorating mental state in question, Tina's parents send her to see a psychiatrist, but the horror persists. As the line between reality and dreams becomes increasingly blurred, Tina's fears are replaced by curiosity and she begins to talk to the creature, turning the situation on its head. Is Tina imagining the whole thing? What's real and what's in her mind? This film will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew...

After over 10 years in the making, director and visual artist Achim Bornhak aka Akiz unleashes the horror movie of your dreams (or your nightmares) with this latest feature hit. The loud, pumping techno beats and mesmerising visuals are not for the faint-hearted.
Screening in:
Friday 25 November
Chauvel Cinema

9:00 pm

Friday 25 November
Palace Cinema Como

9:00 pm

Sunday 27 November
Palace Westgarth

6:00 pm

Monday 28 November
Palace Barracks

6:30 pm

Friday 25 November
Palace Electric Cinema

9:15 pm

Critic's Pick Richard Kuipers: "Berlin’s rave culture is the setting for a stunning combination of coming-of-age drama and monster movie."

"Der Nachtmahr" is an exceptionally well-executed and fine-looking first film, intelligently constructed, beautifully shot in short, mostly dark takes, and underpinned by a fast-beating soundtrack." Carmen Gray, fipresci