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©NEUE ROAD MOVIES Gmbh Photographer Donata Wenders
Every Thing Will Be Fine ©NEUE ROAD MOVIES Gmbh Photographer Donata Wenders
Every Thing Will Be Fine (3D)
Every Thing Will Be Fine (3D)

DRAMA // 118 Min. // 2015 // 15+ // Australian Premiere
CAST: James Franco, Rachel McAdams, Peter Stormare, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Marie-Josée Croze
After a domestic dispute, Tomas takes the car and leaves. He drives along a rural road in a harsh winter blizzard. Out of nowhere, a sled comes sliding towards the road. His car shrieks to grinding halt. Only silence remains...

Based on an original script by Norwegian Bjørn Olaf Johannessen, Every Thing Will Be Fine tells the story of writer Tomas, who one day has a horrific and life-changing experience.

This film comes seven years after director Wim Wenders' last full-length dramatic feature film, bringing with it a star-studded international cast of the likes of James Franco, Rachel McAdams, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Marie-Josée Croze.

Oscar winner and worldwide renowned composer Alexandre Desplat's original music score fits seamlessly into the film and underlines its raw emotions and drama with perfection.

Every Screening of Every Thing Will Be Fine will be shown in 3D except on Saturday, the 19th of November in Chauvel Cinema, Sydney.

Screening in:
Saturday 19 November
Chauvel Cinema

9:15 pm

Thursday 24 November (3D)
Palace Norton Street

9:00 pm

Saturday 19 November (3D)
Palace Cinema Como

9:15 pm

Tuesday 22 November (3D)
Kino Cinemas

8:45 pm

Friday 25 November (3D)
Palace Westgarth

8:45 pm

Tuesday 29 November (3D)
Palace Barracks

8:15 pm

FESTIVALS: Berlinale 2016
AWARDS: German Film Award 2016 (Best Film Score)

"With Every Thing Will Be Fine, Wim Wenders finally presents another feature film at the Berlinale. And what a film! The drama captivates the viewer through its use of 3D and a great performance by James Franco…" Hannah Pilarczyk, Spiegel Online