Registration, Dates and Prices: Price Overview

Fee Structure of Courses
Course type Price
Extensive Course A1.1: 10.000 BDT
A1.2: 10.000 BDT
A2.1: 10.500 BDT
A2.2: 10.500 BDT
Intensive Courses A1: 20.000 BDT
A2: 21.000 BDT
B1.1: 18.000 BDT
B1.2: 18.000 BDT
B2.1: 18.000 BDT
B2.2: 18.000 BDT
C1.1: 18.000 BDT


Learning German

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The new German test

is intended for immigrants, who desire to live in Germany for a substantial amount of time.

Ten Reasons to Learn German

Speaking German opens many doors