On the move 2 | © april-mo (flickr)
On the move 2 | © april-mo (flickr)

The online survey and comments from European intellectuals, artists and politicians are now followed by an artistic interpretation, a performance for the Salon Sophie Charlotte 2014: Europe: Place of the Future

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Saturday 18.01.


    Another idea of Europe?en

    © Goethe-Institut The conference, which was held by the Goethe-Institut Genoa and the Centro Studi Medì, focused on the European identity from the perspective of the younger generation of immigrants.
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    DA VINCI, DON QUIXOTE AND DEMOCRACY – What makes us feel truly European?en

    © Audringje (flickr) A panel discussion with European journalists as part of the project Il Ratto d’Europa by Teatro di Roma.
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