Initiative Möckernkiez

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Initiative Möckernkiez

Who builds the city? According to what criteria? When a former railway property at the Gleisdreieck (triangular junction) in Berlin Kreuzberg went up for sale, some of its neighbours decided not to put their confidence in an anonymous investor. They launched the Initiative Möckernkiez with the goal of creating the new urban district on their own. A cooperative was founded that purchased the 30,000 square metre property and became the supporting organization of a unique model project: a collaborative and cross-generational housing complex that is ecologically sustainable, barrier-free, intercultural and socially integrative. An ensemble of small units with 450 flats, community rooms and commercial areas was planned in a participatory process. Construction will be completed in late 2014.

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Civic initiative and housing cooperative, civic planning and construction of an integrative housing quarter, communal and cross-generational living (ecologically sustainable, barrier-free, intercultural and socially integrative
Financing: members of cooperative


Neighbours and future neighbours, political scientists, economists, urban geographers, architects, social institutions


Neoliberal urban development, real estate policy without common Welfare, privatization of public space


Möckernkiez Genossenschaft