Commons Josaphat

We-Traders, Wetrades, wetraders, © Paula Bouffioux

Commons Josaphat

Commons Josaphat is based on the belief that it is possible to create and manage our city together. The Josaphat site, a 24-hectare urban plot under public ownership which the Region of Brussels-Capital plans to develop, represents a unique opportunity to explore this new approach to shaping the city. This is a challenge that the collective is taking up through multiple and inclusive initiatives and projects.

We plan to submit a proposal to the public authorities outlining a specific path to create common assets and to give decision-making power to an assembly made up of everyone who has a stake in this future district: citizens in the area who will live, work and walk around here.


Sustainable city development, active citizenship, community building, sharing economy, contemporary forms of commons


Active citizens and city activists, thinkers and doers


Ecological and political crisis, lack of transparency in decision-making, hegemony of private property logics in urban development, jeopardizing of culture and creativity


Commons Josaphat