Todo por la Praxis (TXP)


Todo por la Praxis (TXP)

Todo por la Praxis (Everything for Praxis) or TXP is a multidisciplinary team that sees itself as a laboratory for aesthetic projects of cultural resistance. The initiative develops intervention strategies for public spaces with the ultimate goal of creating a catalogue of socially effective tools. They encourage “do-it-yourself” as a methodology that involves direct responsibility for all project phases. Thus users identify with the projects and become aware of what they can bring about themselves. TXP is part of a large network of people and groups interested in creating a participatory urban environment. This network presents an alternative approach to conventional architectural practice by introducing collaborative work, a database of knowledge and the use of common resources.

© Todo por la Praxis (TXP)

© Todo por la Praxis (TXP)

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Self-management of empty urban plots, community facilities, urban movable infrastructure, intervention in public space, DIY strategies, unregulated educational system, co-creation, networking


Architects, artists, lawyers, designers, anthropologists, students, cultural mediators, researchers


Lack of participatory urban spaces, lack of social sensitization for community resources, too few incentives for cooperation, privatization of the public space, gentrification, consumerism


TXP Team


Carlos Hidalgo, David Marti