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Teamlabs / Walkinn Coop

Teamlabs is a cooperative dedicated to designing and implementing business ecosystems. This includes educational, innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives in a start-up environment in which large companies open to innovation projects can become involved. These ecosystems are themselves educational tools in the sense of “Learning by Doing”, allowing personal and professional development of the skills that are needed in the new society. Along with Mondragon Team Academy (MTA) the cooperative coordinates the LEINN, a course in entrepreneurial leadership and innovation that is based on three pillars: teamwork, experiential learning and global vision. The first graduates of this course in Madrid founded the Walkinn cooperative project consisting of 20 young entrepreneurs with a focus on social innovation projects.

© Teamlabs / Walkinn Coop

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Social entrepreneurship, learning by doing, low-level initiatives, spaces for co-working, branding, self-organization, market research, micro-patronage models, education and innovation


Young entrepreneurs, start-ups, sociologists, economists, biologists, designers, creative professionals, programmers, lawyers, small businesses, investors


Lack of entrepreneurship culture, youth unemployment, job insecurity, social discrimination of freelancers, low employee mobility, delayed emancipation, missing support for social innovation projects


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Mondragon Team Academy (MTA)