The City of Madrid presently offers a highly stimulating challenge to its inhabitants. It is experiencing a time of deep economic and identity crisis, thus a unique opportunity in which to reflect on their future with leaders within society, specialists in architecture and urbanism, with creative groups and citizens’ initiatives with horizontal structures. Madrid is a creative incubator in which institutional and private, individual and collective initiatives have worked for years    More…
    © Campo de Cebada

    Campo de Cebada

    Co-productions in the public space, promoting neighbourhood spirit, cultural exchange, social exchange, participative strategies, recycling, co-creation, open source design   More ...

    Todo por la Praxis (TXP)

    Self-management of empty urban plots, community facilities, urban movable infrastructure, intervention in public space, DIY strategies, unregulated educational system   More ...
    © Teamlabs / Walkinn Coop

    Teamlabs / Walkinn Coop

    Social entrepreneurship, learning by doing, low-level initiatives, spaces for co-working, branding, self-organization, market research, micro-patronage models, education and innovation   More ...
    © Elii/GCFP


    Sustainable architecture, socially aligned street and park furniture, urban planning, renewable energies, temporary architecture, office and work-centre design, industrial construction   More ...
    © Lukasz Michalak


    Knowledge transfer, collaborative networks, citizen empowerment, social innovation in the public space, online communities, self-organization   More ...