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Bois & Cie (Wood & Co.) aims to share and transfer knowledge and know-how about woodworking that favours recycling and green building to fulfil ecological demands. Its commonly used workshop promotes encounters between a variety of visitors and participants. Following an introduction, the members acquire skills in collective projects to then pass on to newcomers. Young people in integration measures collect scrap wood from industry or construction that is reused for composting, garden design or mobile residential units. Against the background of the housing crisis and increasing quantities of scrap timber, Bois & Cie produced a lightweight, modular housing prototype. Consisting of pallets, doors, windows, crates, etc., it shows that it is possible to use scrap timber to create high quality, ecological and economical dwellings and thus avoid disposal, incineration or industrial processing of this wood and the resultant pollutant emissions.


Carpentry shop and joinery, low-cost timber houses, integration of young employees, shared knowledge, co-production, recycling
Financing: subsidies for integration, recycling and sale of products, bartering


Educators, carpenters, youths, citizens


Consumerism, unemployment, poverty, housing shortage, throwaway society, citizens losing touch with materials and production


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