AERA Habitat


AERA Habitat

AERA (Action, Studies and Research on Architecture, Living Space and City) has been working since 2003 in so-called problem neighbourhoods on social housing strategies that put people at the heart of the project. In times of economic, social and environmental crisis, families are invited to share everything worth sharing to restore a sense of their community within their living environment, as well as to strengthen the importance of architecture and the city. To ensure that families without access to mortgages have social inclusion and a roof over their heads, AERA has worked for ten years with the government and housing agencies on legal cooperative arrangements that benefit all.
Since 2006, AERA has been developing and testing methods involving residents who are members in the cooperative in planning, design, management and maintenance of their habitat in order to promote the success of a project for the long term. Of twelve, two projects are nearing completion and six will be delivered in 2014, 2015 and 2016.


Participative housing, low-cost housing, sustainable city development, active citizenship, community building
Financing: subsidies, crowdfunding, housing partners


Architects, philosophers, sociologists, citizens interested in sharing (for social, economic and environmental reason)


Housing Crisis, social, economic and environmental Crisis, lack of participation in the housing sector, top-down planning


AERA Habitat Team