Mix'Art Myrys


Mix'Art Myrys

By providing affordable multi- and transdisciplinary spaces for production, “monstration” and exhibitions, MIX'ART Myrys created a place for meetings and exchanges between artists and audiences, and between various visitor groups. Incorporated as an artists’ collective, the association is organized around the principle of self-management. Its funding is based on "free and necessary participation" (both for the public and members), as well as sharing of human, artistic and economic resources and the exchange of knowledge and expertise.
MIX'ART Myrys strives to create a space for cultural democracy between individual and collective existence. Always questioning the space-art-society relationship, the group was recognized by the state in 2001 as belonging to the Nouveaux Territoires de l'Art, which include cultural and societal laboratories for artistic experimentation such as wasteland, intermediate places or factories.


Cultural and artistic co-production, fair knowledge exchange, low threshold spaces and shared equipment, workshops, film and concert hall, exhibitions spaces


Artists collective, citizens


Precarious working conditions for creative workers, isolation of freelancers, lack of flexible and cheap workspace, high costs for high tech infrastructure


Joël Lecussan