Le potager de Camille


Le potager de Camille

An AMAP (Association for the Preservation of Rural Agriculture) aims to preserve local farms operating sustainable, socially equitable and environmentally sound agriculture. These farms allow consumers to buy quality products at a fair price; the consumers know the origin and mode of production of these products, while also actively supporting the preservation of local farming. A number of consumers and a farmer use an AMAP at the beginning of the season to agree on what part of the harvest is delivered to each family periodically at constant costs. The producer undertakes to provide quality products in compliance with the "Charte de l’Agriculture Paysanne". Le potager de Camille (Camille’s vegetable garden) located in the former Toulouse vegetable belt distributes its entire production (250 varieties on 4 ha) to 350 families of the town, who are also involved in the selection of crops.


Organic food, direct sale from local farmers, participatory farming
Financing: members commit to fixed purchase volume per year


Farmers, 350 families (1000 persons)


Long supply chains in agricultural industry, ecological footprint, global price fight in food industry, search for healthy local food and direct contact to farmers


Alain and Véronique Gatti