Casa del Quartiere

© Albana Muco

Casa del Quartiere di San Salvario

The Casa del Quartiere di San Salvario (Neighbourhood House San Salvario) is a space for social and cultural activities that has been utilized by associations, individuals, informal groups, artists and cultural professionals since 2010. It offers culture, training and services for the residents of the multi-ethnic neighbourhood of San Salvario and the entire city. Located in the former municipal baths, it is a laboratory for the design and implementation of initiatives; an open and multicultural meeting place that fosters exchange on varied activities. It hosts a cafeteria, a bike workshop, a co-working office, a time bank, information desks, courses and seminars, listening spaces and public services open to all visitors. Workshops, conferences, events and parties can also be held here. The Agenzia per lo sviluppo locale di San Salvario (Agency for local development), that comprises 23 associations and other institutions such as religious facilities, cooperatives and citizen committees, manages the jointly founded Casa del Quartiere.

© Roberto Arnaudo

© Giuliano Girelli

Copyright Photo 1: Albana Muco
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Regeneration of the district based on economic and social sustainability and participation, enhancement of the resources of the neighbourhood, social and cultural re-use of abandoned architectures, laboratory for social and cultural activities, networking and consulting for civil initiatives, co-working, time bank, collective recreational activities such as creative workshops, repair workshops, swap events, cafeteria


Associations and other stake-holders of the neighbourhood, inhabitants and in particular migrants, students, families and children, social workers, architects, representatives of local institutions


Lack of community spaces in the neighbourhood, lack of access to cultural and social activities and to low cost spaces, social isolation


Giulietta Alfieri
Roberto Arnaudo
Anna Rowinski